Hyeji is a social media star with over 100,000 Instagram followers. She’s received tons of confessions because of her popularity, yet despite that, she’s never been on a single date. 

But one day, she gets asked on a date—by another popular social media star that she’s secretly been following, no less! On the day of the long-awaited date, when she’s alone, Hyeji finds that the only way she can get a perfect selfie angle is if she takes it with her toes… Just then, Kisung, a part-timer there, accidentally opens the door, revealing Hyeji mid-shot, and to her date, of all people…! 

After her disastrous date, Hyeji decides she’s done being Forever Alone and is determined to find The One. Hyeji starts school with her new ambitious aspiration, only to find she’s in the same class as the cause of her tragic toe incident—Kisung!

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